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Who could benefit from life coaching?

I believe that a lot of people could benefit from life coaching. Anyone who has that feeling that they might be not living up to their potential, or has a life decision they are struggling with, could benefit. I’ve worked with clients on their career, personal, health, business goals, work/life balance and life stage transitions

What could I gain from sessions with you as my Life Coach?

Direction, motivation, clarity, a better mindset and awareness of blocks to being who you want and where you want to be.
I try to encourage self awareness and self belief in all my clients and promote positive and realistic change to achieve your goals through cultivating and applying your unique strengths and skills. I will be there with you to navigate your life challenges as a team.

Is Life Coaching similar to counselling?

It shares similarities, you are talking to an ethical professional, however life coaching is not counselling. It focuses on the here and now and the future, not the past as counselling does. It is aimed at those who are feeling OK but want to flourish. Even though I have trained in counselling, I keep the two separate.

What are your fees?

My fees start at £65 per session.
Please get in touch to discuss further.

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