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Whatever Makes You Uncomfortable Is Your Biggest Opportunity For Growth

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As a qualified and experienced Life Coach and Integrative Therapist, I have been helping clients to improve their wellbeing, identify areas for growth, and find meaning in their lives. 
I'll work with you to set, maintain and exceed both personal and professional goals. My role as your Life Coach is to support you in becoming the best possible version of yourself.
My services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation, whilst giving you the tools to tackle the emotional challenges of everyday life.
I offer Outdoor Coaching and Therapy in the natural environment, otherwise known as Ecotherapy, or Nature Therapy. I have completed experiential training in Wilderness Therapy and I have also worked for a Surf Therapy organisation, helping young people with emotional and physical problems through surfing as part of a UK wide charity, The Wave Project.
My passion is helping people improve wellbeing through listening, guiding and providing a space for enabling deep and meaningful change.

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The Transformation(al) Approach


Career Coaching

Covid changed our working lives forever. For many, it bought about a big shift. I can help you to recognise strengths, support a change of their career path, or discover what really motivates you.

●      Settling into a new job
●      Going for promotion
●      Changing career path
●      Workplace anxiety
●      Help with burnout

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Looking after our selves, whilst balancing work, family, home life, hobbies and everything on top is challenging. My coaching can encompass a wide range of wellbeing goals and difficulties including the following.

●      Relationships and connection
●      Existential dread
●      Self-esteem & confidence
●      Work-life balance
●      Stress and anxiety
●      Climate anxiety

Youth Coaching

For 16-26 y/o

 I coach young people due to my years of experience working with this age group in a therapeutic setting, through surf therapy, youth counselling, and longer term coaching. Sessions for this age group are at a reduced rate of £65.00. If you're feeling lost or stuck during this life stage, my coaching would be just right for you.

Wild Coaching

Find a connection to nature, and within that, yourself

Wild Coaching is nature based, using the environment and natural space in place of a room or online platform. 
I have completed training in Wilderness Therapy, taking place in the Pyrenes in Spain. I learned experiential approaches to helping clients facilitate meaning and connection to self in the outdoors.

Neurodivergent Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

I know the minds of neurodivergent clients work differently, with their own abilities and strengths unique to them, and obstacles that are only understood by someone with experience with this client base. I have worked with clients who have ADHD, ADD and Autism and see this as a specialised area of coaching.

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“We have two lives, the second begins when we realise we only have one.”

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